The Right Window Cover

August 9, 2018 | | Comments Off on The Right Window Cover

Every home needs at least a couple of curtains. Especially your bedroom needs to be darkened whenever you go to sleep. Woodyatt Curtains can provide you with a whole set of curtains for your entire house so you can darken any room you like. But what kind of curtains are there? What kinds of fabric are available to you? Do you have to choose curtains or are there other options that you can consider? And, if so, what another kind of options are there to cover your windows? And how do these blinds and other window covers that you can go for? These questions are the ones that we would like to try and answer for you. That way, you know at least some of the choices that you can make when you’re looking for new window covers. Maybe we’ll be able to present you with some ideas that you have never thought of.


Cover with Curtains
The most popular choice is to cover your windows with curtains. Especially in the bedroom, this is still the best way to darken your room. There is a whole variety of materials that you can choose from. Some of them darken your windows completely while others allow some light to shine through. And some of them are very thick while others just provide a thin cover that keeps people from looking in. Net curtains or voile curtains are examples in this category. Make sure the fabric that you choose conforms to your idea of how light or dark a room should be. And, last but not least, you can also choose the colour of your curtains. There are so many fabrics and each of them has its own specific colour. You can choose curtains in one colour or curtains with a print. It’s all up to you.


Another Option: Blinds
But you don’t have to choose curtains. Especially in the living room, curtains might not be what you are looking for. If that’s the case, you can consider covering your windows with blinds. The benefit of blinds is that you can open or close them as much as you like. So you can regulate the amount of light that enters the room. Via blinds, you can create the ambience that you are going for. Another benefit is that they allow lots of light to enter the room but still prevent people on the street from looking in. You can choose from vertical blinds and horizontal blinds. You can use them in a private setting, but you can also install them in your cafe or restaurant so your customers can eat in peace.


Net Curtains and Voile Curtains
They have already been mentioned, but net curtains and voile curtains have a slightly different purpose than regular curtains. In contrast to regular curtains, these types of curtains cannot be used to darken a room not are they meant to be used as such. Their only purpose is to give you some privacy by preventing anyone from peeking into your living room.


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