Choosing the right Marquee for your event

July 6, 2018 | | Comments Off on Choosing the right Marquee for your event

There are various categories of Marquees. Over the years, they have increased in size and design. Globally, there several companies that rent and supply extreme Marquees to be used for various occasions. In fact, hiring of Marques is a thrifting business among corporate and sporting events. Choosing the best marque for your event can be a daunting task, especially due to the vast choice offered.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry as we have highlighted some of the things to keep in mind while selecting the best Marquees for your event.

  • First, have an estimate of the number of guest attending your event. A very large marquee is not ideal if the event is about intimate get-together. Otherwise, the place with look empty. If the event will be attend by a large group, it is considerable to hire a large marquee so that the area does not look overcrowded.
  • Always keep in mind that other than the chairs and the table, the marquee will accommodate other features such as a dance arena, food serving area as well as the DJ console. Reflect back on this while you are deliberating on the marquee size.
  • Since marquees are available in different sizes, you can settle for your preferred fabric and color. Marquee which high canopy and clean provide extra space and are commonly used during wedding events. There also marquee which are particularly long and superior height. They look larger and fill the event with a grand look.
  • If you are planning to schedule your events in an area with unpredictable rains, it is advisable to hire a marquee that is waterproof to prevent the rain from trickling in.
  • Engage the service of a marquee company that is insured so that you are not held accountable in case of any unforeseen circumstance such as fire and marquee breaking when it collapses.

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